The swimwears are designed by Meital Levi,
a fashion designer from Israel
Already from an early age, she had a deep love for sun and sand,
and there for she spent most of her free time at the beach.

During the winter season she would pack a suitcase filled with bathing suits and flew to warm climate countries. 
Before she would go on vacation she designed her own swimwear in all kinds of shapes and colors.
Meital began her way in the fashion industry at an early age,
and already from the start there was a big demand for her products.

She decided to mix her interests and her hobbies and she opened her business in the summer of 2017.

In her line you can find unique and high quality swimwear,
and all of her products are designed only and entirely by her.
Meital selects the highest quality fabrics and prints,
and designs the perfect match for each 
of her pieces.

Each set is designed to emphasize the female body and illuminate each curve.
 Each set is created with lots of thought,
love and precision in details so that
the swimwear will be placed on every costumer in the most perfect way.
 Meital invites you to join her on a journey that is a
never ending summer 
and hopes that you'll enjoy it just as much as she does.

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